Environmental Initiatives
Advancing Climate Change
& Climate Justice Solutions

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation is intent on promoting climate justice and accelerating the transition to a post-carbon world. We are modeling this commitment through our own fossil fuel divestment actions and impact investing approach.
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Change at the level of the individual is important. However, if every single individual were to green their consumption and behaviour immediately, it still wouldn’t significantly reduce emissions enough to reverse the worsening impacts of climate change. Systemic solutions (such as a price on carbon, regulations on industrial operations, public infrastructure development, nature conservation, technology innovation and regulations/incentives to accelerate green consumption and behavioural patterns) are essential because they are far-reaching and lead to deep emissions reductions. It is critical to shift public opinion to being supportive, and even demanding of government and business leaders to implement these systemic solutions at the political and societal levels. The voice of many Canadians calling for change is perhaps the greatest contributor to systemic change.

Pollution and Burnaby protest photo

All aspects of our society are implicated in the necessary transition away from fossil fuel dependency, and all voices need to be included in the cultural and policy dialogue. We feel a sense of urgency and moral responsibility to act.

Our approach is rooted in the following values:

  • A focus on the poor
  • Reconciliation with Aboriginal, First Nations, and Métis peoples
  • Recognizing an inseparable bond between nature, justice for the poor, and a commitment to society
  • Inspiring an “ecological conversion of heart” where Canadians are inspired to respect the environment as a sacred gift.
  • A desire to integrate new voices