Climate Justice and Climate Change Solutions
Catalyzing Public Engagement & Mobilization

The Foundation will consider applications that aim to catalyze a significant increase in public support for fast and deep-reaching climate change solutions.

Priority will be given to broad integrated approaches linking disparate initiatives, enhancing public engagement, and integrating marginalized sectors of the population into climate change dialogues and movements. Of particular interest is a desire to engage with and support Indigenous-led climate justice movements.

The Foundation will support groups, projects and initiatives that:

  • Seek to shift public perceptions and values in support of strong climate action;
  • Have broad impact, or which start regionally but are scalable or replicable;
  • Use grassroots and engagement organizing to advance climate solutions;
  • Advance collective and integrated approaches capable of catalyzing and engaging new voices;
  • Apply creative & innovative communications and engagement strategies (i.e. the arts, storytelling, engaged and investigative journalism, simulation games, cultural activities etc.).

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