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Righting Relations Central Hub - Activating decolonization, justice and healing

We are a growing network of radical adult educators who use popular education with adult immigrant and refugee communities to facilitate critical reflection and action on social and economic justice. What does it mean to be an immigrant settler on this land? What is the colonial history of migration? What is neo-liberalism? How do we build bridges of understanding and solidarity between Immigrant, Refugee and Indigenous communities? How do we move towards decolonization and live in right relation on this land? How do we mobilize our communities, while taking care of our health and wellness? We are on a learning journey to explore these questions together because together we are stronger and wiser than we are alone.


What does Women-Led Look Like, to Us?
A reflection on the experience of the Righting Relations Southern Ontario Hub
By Rehana Tejpar

Where do the strong women go for support, when everyone goes to the strong women for support? They go to the other strong women ‐ Righting Relations Eastern Hub Member

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This is an Uprising

From protests around climate change and immigrant rights, to Occupy, the Arab Spring, and #BlackLivesMatter, a new generation is unleashing strategic nonviolent action to shape public debate and force political change. When mass movements erupt onto our television screens, the media consistently portrays them as being spontaneous and unpredictable. Yet, in this book, Mark and Paul Engler look at the hidden art behind such outbursts of protest, examining core principles that have been used to spark and guide moments of transformative unrest.

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When: Friday April 7, 2017, 9:30 am - 12:30pm
Where: 2 Carlton St, Suite 1001, Toronto

A workshop for adult educators/changemakers.
RSVP to centralhub@rightingrelations.org

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Change Makers


Pramila is a community activist. She has worked locally, nationally and internationally to advocate for immigrant workers’ rights, on issues of violence against women, anti-racism, human rights and community development.

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